Our comprehensive applicate module:

  • AnviGLS
  • AnviTraffic
  • AnviLock
  • AnviVMS
  • AnviCam
  • AnviEAS
  • AnviPOS

AnviGLS is a login system for software modules/ application under Anvi family. Applications under Anvi family securely communicate and transfer data through this login system. User privileges also centralized in this login system.

AnviTraffic is a stable and well developed traffic monitoring solution. By using professional traffic counter, we can track and trace every footfall and to provide useful analytic reports. Our report not only include historic analytic data, but also provide forecast. It provides holistic picture for management make effective decision. AnviTraffic could also integrate data with online store, POS, HRM, weather, and more to run analysis and forecast as well.

AnviLock is a specialist system to control locks and any hardware on/ off. With AnviLock system, user can control every door lock, cabinet lock, and any on/ off signal through web portal. AnviLock App also available for iOS and Android. We have different controller models available for different scenario.

AnviVMS basically is a platform for visitors request their visit presentence through a web registration or mobile application. Visitor can access premises with QR code in their mobile application. When time for visit due, traffic gates, road blocker or even security guard can get notice for allowing the visitor visits. Operator could grand physical access to the visitors through the system and all access rights are managing through the internet.

The solution is suitable for developer, tenant, corporate, company or even individuals who want to manage their visitor and entrance automatically. Our system is successfully integrated to different traffic gates or car park systems. Advance access algorithm could also have customized based on request. The system could also integrate with AnviLock to be an advanced access control system.

AnviCam is for IP cameras and NVR management. User can view and manage different brands and types of camera and NVR through different web browsers.

AnviEAS is an advanced system for retailer protect their stock. System can identify every individual tag attached on each product, which minimize the chance of false alarm. With more advance use, retailers could link tags with their products. This can boost the speed of stock taking or know product availability on sales floor real time.

AnviPOS is a perfect system POS system for fast food, pop-up store and small retailer. AnviPOS is currently available for iOS and android version will available soon. AnviPOS includes VIP management, RFID and NFC reader connection, different printer and barcode reader control.   

We also do:

  • Deploy our developed solution with modification our customer
  • Source code maintenance
  • Customized website development and maintenance 

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