Freedom Core II

Freedom Core II™ Power w/Screamer Sensor is the next generation from our popular Freedom Core line for mobile phones.

Freedom Micro

Freedom Micro™ is the industry’s smallest, no-sacrifices, easy-to-install, top mount solution for tablets with unmatched security that integrates into any fixture.

Freedom Micro UM (High Theft)

Freedom Micro UM™ has all the great standard features as Freedom Micro with added security options in an under mount solution.

Freedom Micro + Bracket

Freedom Micro™  + Custom Brackets secures most wearables.

Freedom Micro + Bracket + Flextech

The Freedom Micro FlexTech™ Sensor Cable allows you to integrate the wearables FlexSensor™  into the Freedom Micro Alarming Puck, providing both power and security for most watches.

Freedom Core II FlexSensor

Freedom Core II FlexSensor™ Wearables Loss Prevention Security Sensors is the most innovative security and merchandising solution in the marketplace.

Freedom Micro DI

Freedom Micro DI™ for Digital Imaging, and was designed to secure, display and power all DSLR cameras, point-and shoot cameras, mirrorless cameras and camcorders.

Freedom Core II DI

Using the Freedom Core II™ Power w/Screamer Sensor, this stand alone system takes the essential elements from the industry’s most robust security platform and assembles them into a compact, sensor based merchandising system for all digital cameras.

Freedom Peg Hooks

The system offers a range of secure hook options allowing customers access to merchandise while providing an important level of loss prevention security.

Freedom Core II for Laptops & Convertibles

Compact, sensor-based merchandising system, providing two different sensor options to secure laptops & convertibles.

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