We carry following hardware:

  • People counting sensor
  • Security and merchandizing solution
  • Retail Mobility Solution
  • Electronics Article Solution
  • Anvi Connection Hub


InfraRed Integrated System Limited (IRISYS), is the world’s leading supplier of People Counting Sensors, with a heritage spanning 20 years of world class innovation.

With unique thermal based technology combined with powerful counting algorithms, daily traffic can transform to presentable data through Anvi Traffic Analytics platform. Which those data are widely used by organizations spanning retail, supermarkets, transport hubs, corporate offices, shopping mall, casino, etc., to under more on their business.


For over 38 years, MTI has been a global leader in mobile device display technologies, developing solutions that deliver the highest level of merchandising security for consumer electronics and mobile enterprise applications allowing products, sales and service to be the focus, while security operates efficiently in the background.

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ArmorActive, a division of Mobile Technologies Inc. (MTI), specializes in multi-purpose enclosures and integrated solutions that allow tablet deployments for business. We manufacture equipment that increases the security, accessibility, mobility, and engagement level of tablets for every major business application.

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